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Jackie Lee, founder and creator of Fior Skin Care is passionate about nutrition, health and wellbeing and the role they play in skincare. 


Our skin is the body’s largest organ and it’s also the first and best defence against external aggressors. It has many layers that work hard to protect us, but when its condition is compromised the ability of our skin to work as an effective barrier is impaired. 


As the most visible indication of our health, the condition of our skin affects how we feel about ourselves and how others view us. It makes complete sense to look after our skin with quality, toxic-free products.


Jackie’s aim is to reconnect people to nature making a transformative difference to their skin and their overall confidence. She has mastered the process of creating dynamic natural beauty formulations that replenish our skin with key nutrients needed to function at its best, making it more resilient and less sensitive to environmental triggers. By combining functional, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients with beauty actives and vitamins, Fior products deliver results boosting skin health, vitality and youthfulness.


Healthy skin is the most beautiful skin.

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