crackle wood wick soy candle, 100 ml

Our 'crackle' wood wick candles are made with pure soy wax and fragranced with geranium and lavender essential oils. Wood wick candles are one of the best ways to enjoy a candle, beyond the warm glow and natural fragrance, they add a third dimension to the ambiance. When lit, wood wicks pop and crackle softly, similar to that of a fireplace. The pleasant sounds can soothe and relax as much as the warm glow and the calming scent, making them a truly unique experience.

Please note: the popping and crackling sometimes take a while to get going, be patient!


Also available with cotton/linen wick.



When the candle is used up please repurpose the tin to store small items. The remaining soy wax will clean out easily leaving you with a useful container.

crackle wood wick soy candle, 100 ml